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                    ZHEJIANG RENXING VALVE CO.,LTD was founded in 2004, is located in Oubei town, Wenzhou, which is well known as “Pump & Valve Town of China”. RENXING designs, manufactures and sells valve balls and other highly engineered ball valve components around the world. With strong innovation capacity and many years’ experience in manufacturing and management, RENXING has been providing a wide range of high quality products to the international market. 

                    RENXING provides balls and other valve components to customers with various specifications from 1/2” up to 56”, pressures from 150LB up to 2500LB and different materials. The materials mainly include A105, LF2, 410, F6A, 4130, 4140, F304, F316, 17-4PH, F51, F53, F55, Monel, Inconel, etc. The surface treatment materials include Chemical Nickel Plating, Tungsten Carbide Coating, Stellite, Inconel etc, which are high-hardness, abrasion proof and corrosion-resistant materials. 

                    Product center

                    Contact Us

                    TEL: (86)0577-67319077

                    FAX: (86)0577-67319066

                    E-mail: qx@qxvalve.cn

                    Add: ANFENG INDUSTRIAL ZONE
                    , OUBEI TOWN, WENZHOU,
                    ZHEJIANG, CHINA 325105

                    National Advisory Order Hotline/


                    CopyRight 2015 ZHEJIANG RENXING VALVE CO.,LTD All Rights Reserved Address: ANFENG INDUSTRIAL ZONE, OUBEI TOWN, WENZHOU, ZHEJIANG, CHINA 325105 phone:(86)0577-67319077

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